the goals of the athens cultural affairs commission are

  • Initiate community participation in the building of our public spaces, encouraging citizens to take pride in public cultural expression
  • Provide leadership in public art planning through civic, public and private development, community and other public interest initiatives to develop the county’s cultural uniqueness, profile and support of the arts.
  • Complement and/or develop the character of Athens-Clarke County’s diverse neighborhoods to create distinctive public spaces, which enhance the sense of community, place and civic pride.
  • Increase public awareness, understanding, and enjoyment of the arts in everyday life, and provide equitable and accessible opportunities for Athens-Clarke County’s residents and visitors to experience public art.
  • Encourage public dialogue about art and cultural issues of interest and concern to Athens-Clarke County residents.
  • Encourage public art projects that work toward achieving a more sustainable community, environmentally, economically, socially, and culturally.